Things I’ve learned from my boys

I'm writing about parenting boys this week and whether it's harder than being a mum to girls (surely the answer to this question must be a very, very loud YES!!!). My research turned up this item, written by an anonymous American mum and posted on this great site Here's the things this lady's boys have taught her ... any of them sound familiar? … [Read more...]

‘Darling, I think we need to date’

This article first appeared in the Gold Coast Bulletin. WE’VE been married five years and we’re the proud, but frazzled, parents of two boys under four. So you won’t be surprised to hear that the sizzle has gone out of our marriage. Who wants sex when they can sleep? Forget about whispering sweet nothings, just tell me you’ll do the dishes, vacuum the floors and hang the … [Read more...]

Personally pleasing

This column first appeared in the Gold Coast Bulletin. IF I was to partake in a spot of amateur psychotherapy I would say that people who drive cars with personalised number plates are making a cry for help. They are saying ‘Our lives are dull and boring and the only way we can add spark is by paying over the odds for a self-indulgent piece of tin.’ HOT STUFF really … [Read more...]

He’s baaack

Mr Bean is back. His world vegetable-loving tour is over and he is returned. Generous guy bought me a gorgeous ring and some perfume. The boys are now kitted out like professional soccer players following Mr Bean's visit to the Adidas factory in Berlin.  But the present I'm most excited about is the three-pack of hand, foot and body creams I received.Proving that you … [Read more...]

Gold Coast Mums in Profile

If you're a Gold Coast mum with something interesting to say I'd really love to hear from you. Each Thursday in the Gold Coast Bulletin I profile a Coast mum and her take on a range of issues. I want to know everything, from how you keep it all together, to what you're serving for dinner, to the best bits of being a mum. If you'd like to participate please answer the … [Read more...]