Call that a pumpkin? This is a pumpkin.

Many an argument has been had about vegetables ... well that's the case in our house. So I was thrilled to see the hoo hah that's erupted since Lawrence Springborg claimed a record for growing Queensland's biggest pumpkin. Growing big vege is a country thing ... I didn't fully understand it until I married an onion farmer. I can still remember the year Mr Bean grew enormous … [Read more...]

Cyclone warning does not a good holiday make

It's not the holiday we had envisaged. Fiji bunkers down for 'worst cyclone ever' read the headline. Whaaaatttt??!!! We are due to fly to Fiji next week for a very overdue holiday. We had scheduled our trip to coincide with the end of the cyclone season although we never imagined it would be an issue. After the way 2010 started we should have known better. … [Read more...]

Mummy works because …

I HUNG out with Baby Bean at his new kindy this week. Just checking it out, seeing what he gets up to. After we'd sung the 'good morning' song and presented our show and tell it was time to play (tough life). There we were hanging out at the play dough table when one of his little classmates piped up and asked what I was doing there. Valid question I guess, and as we all … [Read more...]

Breast is best … sometimes

This gives a whole new meaning to fresh produce. As reported by, a New York chef is offering his diners a trendy new cheese made from Hungarian pepper, figs and human breast milk. His wife's breast milk in fact. Chef Daniel Angerer, of the Klee Brasserie in Chelsea, says customers have been demanding his custom-made 'human cheese' after he started blogging … [Read more...]

Ok, so now it can stop raining

ENOUGH'S enough you know. When it first started raining a few weeks ago we were happy. It was a great time for it to rain - before crop planting. The bores would be replenished, the dam filled and the ground sodden. Careful what you wish for. While it's very wet here at home, there's no sign of flooding. The ground's too wet to do anything and all the farmers I know are … [Read more...]