No sleep makes mummy tired & cranky

Well tell me something I don't know! We're about to enter our fifth year of sleep interruptis and I am living proof that disturbed sleep does bad things. Tired, grumpy, wrinkled and overweight - I blame it all on sleep. I have a love-hate relationship with the so-called experts. On the one hand what they say often makes sense. On the other hand what they say is often stating … [Read more...]

Closing the soccer score gap

Second soccer game this week and we're closing the gap. First game score was 6-0 to the opposition. Week 2 and the Boonah u7 Tigers put up an impressive display, narrowing the score to 1-0. Concentration, handballing and remembering which way to run remain our biggest problems. The pictures tell the story. … [Read more...]

It’s official: I am a ‘soccer mom’

Stranger things have happened ... I am a soccer mom. First game today. The team lost, can't remember the score, 6-0 or something like that. I think the world of soccer it's classed as annhilation. The kids are aged four and five so we're not going to focus on scores, it's about having fun isn't it? Well it would be nice to win too. There's time. … [Read more...]

Coles, Curtis and me … heaven

Mr Bean and I had a bit of a lover's tiff the other night. He's a sensitive soul is Mr Bean. There we were lazing about on the couch (as we do most nights) watching tele when on came one of those great new Coles ads. You know the ones they're all about cooking dinner for $10, the ones that feature Curtis Stone (sigh!). I mentioned, just casually you know, how I'd cook … [Read more...]

I’m taking a holiday with The Commando

It's booked and paid for and there's no escape. I'm going to spend four days training with The Commando of The Biggest Loser Fame. Possibly not the way I envisaged I'd spend my first extended break from my kids but hey life's funny like that. Since the boys' arrival four and two years ago, personal fitness has taken a bit of a backseat to the rest of life - cleaning, … [Read more...]