It’s showtime

Five years living in a small country town has helped me to fully appreciate the joys and wonders of the country show. Mr Bean and I were married on the show weekend 2004. At the time I didn't realise the enormity of our decision - show weekend is sacrilege. I'm sure his friends were cursing me - how dare I make Mr Bean's friends miss show night, 'stupid city slicker'.  He … [Read more...]

My new hobby …

I'm just back from a lazy and luxurious three day break in Noosa sans children and husband. That's right, three days of blissful absolute PEACE. No crying children, no temper tantrums, no interrupted sleep. Other than being woken by Mr Bean's phone call early on Saturday morning 'Darling where's the soccer kit?' I slept like a dream. Had a facial, did some shopping, went to … [Read more...]