Sugar-coating good food message

CAN'T get the kids to eat healthy food? You're not alone. I cringe everytime my mob - aged five and two - urge me to drive into McDonalds. Where did I go wrong as a parent? Sad fact of modern life is that kids are susceptible to loud, shiny, colourful advertising telling them that if they eat Nutri Grain they'll grow into a big, strong ironman. That if they spread Nutella on … [Read more...]

Have car will hoon

I've spent the past five months driving very, very carefully. A series of interconnected, unfortunate events led to the rapid depletion of my drivers licence points until just one remained. A stern letter from the government warned me that I could choose to forfeit my licence for three months or I could agree to drive very carefully for one year. Should I incur any driving … [Read more...]

Volunteers Wanted

Before life in the country I could count on two fingers how many times I'd volunteered in my life. It just wasn't a big priority. It's alsovery  easy to slip under the radar when you livein a city of 1m+ people. But when you move to a small country town (population 2000-ish) it's not so easy to avoid your volunteering duties. And if you do agree to volunteer, and if you … [Read more...]

Wanted: one healthy libido

MANY new mums discover that the arrival of a baby heralds the departure of their sex drive. But don't despair, there's great news this week - you're not alone. Sex and relationships expert Dr Gabrielle Morrissey told me it's a common problem for new mums. She says it can take up to one year for a woman's libido to return after giving birth (I can hear the new dads groaning … [Read more...]