All I want for Christmas

My five-year-old has just informed me that for Christmas he wants a new Holden SS Commodore. It's one of three cars he's circled in today's Cars Guide. Let's not even begin to analyse the fact that I've apparently bred a Hoden-driving revhead. Where did I go wrong? … [Read more...]

It’s a jungle out there

ABOUT this time of year our little family explodes from four to 104 ... or there abouts. They say you can choose friends but not family and it is true for us - our part-time family members are a motely crew of people from all walks of life. And like most family relationships it's essential that we remain on good terms with our extended relations - our livelihood depends on … [Read more...]

Happy, healthy & relaxed

Do you ever feel like life with kids is getting the better of you? I do. As I cast an eye around my messy house , as I dodge a flying toy or wipe up the kids' slops from the floor I wonder what happened to my life of old - my life before kids. But it's not all doom and gloom - Aussie naturopath and nutritionist Julie Maree Woods says we can redress the imbalances and it will … [Read more...]

How to survive Sydney with kids

TEN years ago I moved to Sydney, a single, 20-something career girl. Recently I returned to the city which had provided so many fabulous social opportunities in my early 20s and discovered another side to the town I thought I knew. I was travelling solo with my two sons – aged five and two – so there was no time to check out the newest nightclubs or enjoy a meal at the latest … [Read more...]