Battling Mother Nature

Farmers face a daily battle with Mother Nature. Wind, rain, drought and flood - they're all just part of doing business in the world of farming. They breed 'em tough out in the country, but this week even the toughest farmers we know are struggling. Some of Mr Bean's friends and colleagues have had their farms destroyed by the floods. But the destruction to land, sheds … [Read more...]

The price of produce

Mr Bean reckons the GFC has turned Aussie consumers into vultures. 'Cheap, cheap, cheap,' that's all you want, he says. When you get up at the crack of dawn, do battle with Mother Nature (and what a battle it is at the moment!) and risk all that you have on turning in a good crop, it's no surprise that Mr Bean and his farming colleagues get a little peeved when people … [Read more...]

Who gave us that?

There's always one. Every Christmas someone has to go and buy a noisy, annoying present. This year the prize goes to my mother-in-law. The boys think she's incredible 'the best grandma eva'; Mr Bean and I have been cursing her ever since she handed our boys their presents. Yes, that's presents plural ... she did not stop at one annoying present, oh no she gave us three. … [Read more...]

Declutter & get rich

Don't know about you but out here we're drowning in stuff. It's breeding. Everywhere I look there's clutter, toys, puzzle pieces, remotes and chargers for toys and phones which have long since departed our crowded house. 'Enough's enough,' I declared post Christmas, this mess must go. The great Gorman declutter has begun. The good stuff's going on eBay ... maybe it will help … [Read more...]

2010 in review

It's fitting that my 2010 year in review is being written on day three of 2011 - it's been that kind of year. Both hectic and challenging, 2010 often left me feeling a few steps behind the pace. We had a stressful start to 2010 when our youngest son, James, then 2, stopped walking. We gained an intimate and forgettable knowledge of the Queensland Health system. … [Read more...]