My husband’s in love with a tractor

FOR a vegetable farmer, the only view better than a paddock of healthy carrots is one which includes a tractor. When I lived at Main Beach on the Gold Coast – it seems a lifetime ago – there used to be a fellow who regularly caught my eye. He drove an ageing Ferrari (bright red) and always sought to park the love of his life outside whichever café he was posing at that … [Read more...]

Why you shouldn’t grow your own veg

HOMEGROWN and DIY may be all the rage in the city but they’re not popular suggestions in the Bean household. There's one thing which really gets my husband hot under the collar. His reaction is immediate and total. First his eyes pop, then his knuckles turn white and finally his face goes red. Sometimes he looks like he’s about to explode. … [Read more...]

Bunking down with broccoli

AS city house blocks shrink, parks are infilled, and stress levels grow, city dwellers are searching for a holiday destination which offers a total escape from their home life hustle. They want to get back to nature, breathe fresh air and enjoy open spaces. Enter the farm stay. Until now the farm stay has often meant being able to pat a few tame house sheep, milk a geriatric … [Read more...]

How to caravan with kids and stay sane

It was meant to be a relaxing, family holiday, just mum, dad and the kids … then we decided to hire a campervan. ‘Oohhh aren’t you lucky, you’ve managed to book the second-last campervan available in Australia over the Christmas-New Year period,’ the sales woman advised when I rang weeks out from Christmas in a disorganised panic. What she failed to mention was that the … [Read more...]

My makeover is complete

WHEN I met my farmer, Mr Bean, 10 years ago I knew very little about country living. I thought fruit and vegetables came from the supermarket, that tractors were all the same and those enormous, spindly metal things in the paddocks were called big sprinklers. Fast forward a decade and I am virtually a different woman. … [Read more...]