Cheap milk, it’s a big fat con

WE just went grocery shopping. I learned many important things today. 1. Don't go shopping on the last day of a five-day long weekend which is also the last day of school holidays. Total. crowded. Nightmare. 2. Don't take sick husband and tired children when one does brave supermarket on said day. Total. Nightmare. 3. But the most important lesson learned today is that the … [Read more...]

The end is nigh …

Farmer's wives are sustained for six months of the year by the promise of 'the off season'. It's a hallowed time when there's no, or few, crops in the ground, the demands of the farm are few and they can pretend they're living a 'normal' life. We're in the off-season right now ... but I know our days are numbered. The onion planting has started, the carrots are flourishing … [Read more...]

Why are sick husbands so painful?

I am into day 11 of my own private hell. That's how long I've been living with a sick husband. Over the past 11 days I have made his doctor's appointments, collected his prescriptions and tended to him to the best of my nursing abilities. Just when I think we're on the homestraight and he's recovering he decides that he's well enough to stop taking the antibiotics and have a … [Read more...]

Granny knows best … or does she?

AS I write this our five-year-old is spending a few days with his grandparents. It’s a solution which is saving him from boring school holiday daycare sessions, saving me from hefty daycare fees, and is providing grandma and grandpa with some ‘quality grandson time’. When Alex is delivered home I expect my mother to make the following observations: He doesn’t clean up his … [Read more...]

The things I do for onions and husbands

Is there no end to my dedication? I ask myself this regularly as I write articles promoting the positive effects of onions. It is in my interest to support the industry - it is afterall the industry which sustains my husband's business ... and our family. So here it is, the next instalment in our journey - the first edition of Among the Alliums, which appears in this month's … [Read more...]