Who bought the white rug?

Who in their right mind buys a white rug when there's little people in the house? Me. In a moment of insanity (call it the Ikea syndrome) I decided that my house would not be complete without a gorgeous - and expensive - white wool rug. I lugged it home, laid it on my bedroom floor (the only place I felt would be protected from their Vegemite fingers) and admired its … [Read more...]

Finding strength from adversity

It's not until you welcome children that you realise how precious life is. Suddenly there is so much to live for. Every day is a new adventure and exploration in life. That first smile, their first steps, the first time they say those cherished words, 'I love you mummy'. The thought of missing out on any of it is horrible. So when I heard that a school friend had been … [Read more...]