The 8 rules for Facebook survival

STATUS update: Mr 3’s poos are runny and green; Miss 6’s are red and mushy – that’d be the Tickle-Me Elmo cupcakes. Too much? What’s a bit of poo talk between mummies? How about this? Just cleaned up projectile vomit in the kitchen, the bathroom and the lounge room – am loving the gastro ... not. Welcome to the wonderful world of the Facebook overshare. Which is worse – the … [Read more...]

The real carbon tax stories

SO the country's in a flap about the carbon tax. Everyone has an opinion and thanks to social media everyone's making their opinion heard. Sometimes I think it'd be nice to return to the good ol' days when the worst an ignorant person could do was write a letter to the editor, which with any luck wouldn't be published. But I digress. Julia and Tony have been tripping about … [Read more...]

Horticulture input costs set to rise

Until the carbon tax actually arrives we won't know for sure what the impact will be on horticulture. But it's safe to say the industry is nervous. Times are already pretty tough for many in the rural sector so the prospect of adding more costs to an already tight bottom line ain't going to be welcomed with open arms. Growcom, which is Queensland horiculture's industry … [Read more...]

Sofa journalism at its best

When you're juggling two kids, a busy husband and a couple of businesses it's a bit hard to get amongst it and be a full-time journalist. Thank God for social media. I was up late last night trawling through Twitter, wondering how the carbon tax would impact our businesses. So I sent a few questions to the team at The Today Show.  Here's what the PM had to say in … [Read more...]

What does carbon tax mean for veggie growers?

Wondering what the carbon tax announcement means for vegetable growers?  I've posted the initial response from Ausveg CEO Richard Mulcahy below. Ausveg is the industry's peak lobby group and they say the government believes the public will be willing to pay a bit more for their food if it means a cleaner planet. Ausveg isn't so sure and I tend to agree. Surely the current … [Read more...]