It’s a jungle online

My son is six. Earlier this year we bought a family iPad and before you could say ‘Gee the Apple store was busy today’ our son had the thing mastered. He was sliding his finger across the screen, minimising, maximising, cutting between Superhero Sports on Iview and Fruit Ninja in the App store. He has been born in a time where technological know-how is not learned – it’s … [Read more...]

Those were the days

I wrote this in 2009 for the Gold Coast Bulletin. Things on the Gold Coast are a bit dire at the moment. The place needs an injection of big personalities and visionary leaders to pull it out of the doldrums. Here's hoping some inspiring and inspired people come out of the woodwork before next year's City Council elections. I LIVED on the Gold Coast for 15 years before I … [Read more...]

Small kindy – very big heart

OUR annual community Kindy Art Auction is coming up soon. It's the major fundraiser for the kindy, which while aligned with C&K, is run by a management committee of parents and teachers. Mr Bean's on the committee ... I nominated him while he was swanning around overseas. He's the token male and by all accounts quite enjoys being in the minority. The kindergarten art … [Read more...]

All hail the carrot

It's lovely when someone else pay's attention to the thing you're really passionate about ... in our house it's vegetables. We have to keep our passion and enthusiasm for fresh produce in check and ensure we don't rave like people possessed. So imagine our delight when, on Sunday, we opened the paper to discover an entire page had been devoted to the humble carrot. Thanks … [Read more...]

Holidays with kids … stay home.

WE’RE just back from a family holiday overseas and quite frankly I need a holiday to get over the flight home. Travel and young children just aren’t compatible. If it’s not your own kids playing up, chances are you’re surrounded by other people’s screaming, kicking, snotty children. And it’s a safe bet that lurking in the row ahead or behind you are some ‘child haters’, … [Read more...]