How to survive the school holidays

BY the time you read this there will be 72 hours left of school holidays ... not that I’m counting. (If you're in NSW & Victoria I believe you've got it all ahead of you ... commiserations.) Surely I’m not the only parent who by now – day 19 of the school holidays - is dreaming of 9am Monday morning when I can drop my little darlings off to school and return to the … [Read more...]

Vegetable growing, harder than it looks

At some time or another most people have tried to grow their own vegetables. I tried and failed to coax some strawberries out of the ground a few Summer's back. Failed dismally. Now that I think about it, strawbs are a winter crop so that's probably got something to do with my wilting berries. My husband grows vegetables for a living. The man is passionate about his … [Read more...]

Qld tatties now in store, go get ’em

The Queensland potato season has started. Lovely, fresh, crunchy, delicious QLD potatoes are now on shelves in produce sections everywhere. Here's how I announced the start of the season on my FB.   Here's how Coles announced the arrival of QLD tatties in today's paper. Publicity ... it's all about message delivery. Now tell me, who's got the best … [Read more...]

Don’t be deceived by the label

When you buy frozen vegetables do you take the time to read the label? If you're like me you're probably in a mad dash. You probably have one hand on the trolley and the other on your wriggling child. You're probably madly throwing items into the trolley and picking items out that have been added by your little 'helpers'. Read the label? Huh, who has the time. But say you … [Read more...]

I have a dream …

Have you ever dreamt you were married to someone famous? I have - Gorgeous George. Geroge Clooney has been my enduring celebrity crush. My 'affair' began during his ER days and has remained strong through the good movies and the bad (Batman, The American). I met George Clooney once. It seems like a lifetime ago ... it was. Those were the days. Before kids. Before husband. … [Read more...]