Even Spiderman needs to sleep

There's nothing better than watching your children sleep. They look so beautiful, peaceful and calm. Yes, the SILENCE is an added bonus. Couldn't resist taking a piccy of James - aka Spiderman - having a nap on the couch. He usually flakes out about midday, not a bad effort given he wakes between 4am and 4.30am EVERY DAY! Total nightmare. … [Read more...]

Fresh sales down, frozen & canned up

AUSTRALIANS ate less fresh fruit and vegetables this year than last year, with volume down six per cent, but more households bought frozen and canned products. Insights from Nielsen’s Homescan panel in Australia show that 32,000 less households bought fresh fruit this year relative to last year and 16,000 fewer households bought fresh vegetables. But the number of households … [Read more...]

I love pink and I’m in good company

Anyone who knows me well knows I love pink (just look at my blog). In the future these years will be known as my 'pink' phase. I have pink glasses, pink jewellery (alas not a pink diamond), pink clothes, pink handbags ... even a pink bike. I feel it's a reaction to living in a house of boys. Anyway I was delighted to see today's Queen pics because it turns out she … [Read more...]

My body’s letting the side down

WE'VE joined a sporting team. It's been a number of years since we've  played competitive sport so when a friend asked Mr Bean and I to join the local mixed futsal team I thought, 'Why not'? Futsal - it's indoor soccer with grunt - sounded like a bit of a laugh; a reprieve from yet another night spent on the couch watching tv. While my mind was willing and able to take … [Read more...]

We’re in the ‘racing’ business

HAD you asked me two months ago whether our family was into cars I'd have answered 'No'. We like to drive nice cars but are we into cars? Umm not really. When buying a new car my criteria goes as follows: A) Does it have GPS? B) Does it have cup holders? C) Does it have a good stereo? Sometimes the salesman tries to tell me about what's under the bonnet and … [Read more...]