Growers make generous deposits

WHEN you go shopping do you leave the mis-shapen, ugly and slightly damaged fruit and vegetables on the shelf? Do you only select the perfectly round, brightly-coloured oranges? Will you only eat straight carrots? If a banana has a few black marks on its skin do you walk on by? If you answered 'Yes' to these questions then you're not alone. We're a fickle bunch of … [Read more...]

Rainforest Fruits prove bountiful

A NORTH Queensland company is enjoying the fruits of Australia’s rainforest trees. Rainforest Bounty was started by Margo Watkins and Geraldine McGuire as an outlet for the rainforest fruits they were both growing on their Atherton Tablelands properties. Both keen cooks, they have created a range of sauces, chutneys and conserves which use rainforest fruits as their key … [Read more...]

Can you help?

Do you live on a farm? Can you provide visiting Japanese students with some accommodation and a unique country experience? If so call Val now. … [Read more...]

Bananas are back!

Sweet, beautiful Aussie bananas are back and they're finally affordable. Aldi is advertising bananas for $2.99/kg this week. To celebrate the return of the banana, the funny people at Australian Bananas have released this mockumentary. Recently I wrote about the high price of bananas and asked the question, why are we so price sensitive when it comes to our fruit and … [Read more...]

James turns 4

It was a big day in our house yesterday. James turned four. He woke up this morning and asked, 'Am I still four mummy?' Then he wanted to know when he could have another birthday. "Next year darling." He wasn't happy about that. Wants to have another birthday next week. The day began early (as always), baking another cake after the first was attacked by a mystery … [Read more...]