Support farmers. Buy mangoes

I just interviewed a Queensland mango grower. He says supply is outstripping demand for this gorgeous juicy fruit. The industry believes it's due to the GFC. Many consumers consider mangoes to be a discretionary purchase. Not essential. Yet not a luxury. A snack food, which must beat the lure of chocolate bars, chips and other junky snacks. Too much supply has an … [Read more...]

Dear Santa, I want

THE countdown to Christmas is on and if your house is anything like mine, you’re probably being serenaded by a daily song of, ‘And I want this, and I want this, and I want this.’ My little consumers are mercenary at the best of times but come the festive season their 'I want-o-meter' kicks up a gear. About two months out the thick, colourful toy catalogues arrive and I know … [Read more...]