Crocs, are they the ugliest shoes ever?

Gee I love Facebook. It's a great space to explore ... you never know what you'll find. I discovered this gem this morning. Don't know about you but I think the age-wearing limit for Crocs stops at 8. Anything over and it's time to graduate into something a little more stylish. I have many friends who disagree and who claim their Crocs are the comfiest shoes they've ever … [Read more...]

QLD pumpkins in season now

The latest edition of Good Taste Magazine features one of our local farmers -  Kalbar pumpkin grower Michael Rieck. He's been helping out on the family farm since he was a young boy and now his children are enjoying the same farming upbringing that he did. Qld pumpkins are now in store and they're great buying because oversupply has led to a very poor market - the … [Read more...]

Parenting boys … it’s not for the faint of heart

I found this photograph on Facebook. As a mother of two boys under six I concur. If you have boys too you will understand. Who knew furniture was for jumping over? That household ornaments were for throwing at each other? And that kitchen utensils were in fact weapons? Those who have been before me say it gets better in the teenage years and that they'd much rather have … [Read more...]

We’ve joined the Twits, why don’t you try it?

I wrote this for the upcoming Onions Australia publication (is there no end to my commitment to those stinky things?) FARMERS, depending on the season, the market price and the weather, can be an anti-social bunch ... but things are changing for the better. Our social status is on the rise, we’re connected, engaged and we’ve entered the ‘conversation’. That’s the online … [Read more...]

Stunning & edible

We've recently had a series of photographs taken for a new business website. No words are required, the photos say it all. Thanks to Drew Chislett for these lovely images, he's a man who understands our passion for veg! … [Read more...]