Beetroot. Is it an old person’s food?

Since marrying a vegetable farmer I've come to view vegetables in a whole new light. They used to be some colourful things I added to meals because I knew they were good for me. Now I spend many many hours of my life talking and thinking about veg and how we can market them, make them more appealing and educate consumers to understand and care about them and where they come … [Read more...]

Life lessons don’t come cheap

LAST weekend we held a garage sale ... or as our 4-year-old referred to it, a garbage sale. We live opposite the local primary school and wanted to capitalise on the polling day crowds. Our idea was two-fold. It was a chance to have a much-needed cleanout and we wanted to teach Alex, our six-year-old consumer-hungry son, a few lessons about money. He and his father (a … [Read more...]

No secrets in country towns

I moved to the country nearly 9 years ago and boy has it been an experience. Watching Country Town Rescue on ABC this week caused me to reflect on my journey since leaving the city and heading west. In my mind I'm lucky - the country town I now call home is conveniently located about 100km from both Brisbane and the Gold Coast ... not really country in the true sense of … [Read more...]

Motherhood harder than surf sport

I've always watched those surf races on TV and thought, 'That looks bloody hard'. But former champion ironwoman, Karla Gilbert, told me this week she'd take surf racing over motherhood anyday. Well let me clarify, she's not about to trade in her daughters Ella, 4, and Summer, 18months, on a surf ski but she reckons competing is way easier than the first year of motherhood. … [Read more...]