This country town’s no cultural desert

When I moved to a small country town I arrived full of city-centric stereotypes. Farmers are dumb; country living is dull; you'll never find a good coffee in a country town; and the only place to seek cultural enrichment will be in the city. Nine years on and I now realise how silly and narrowminded I was. Clearly my first gross generalisation - farmers are dumb - was … [Read more...]

Ahh holidays …

We're enjoying a well-earned Easter holiday. We've kept it low-key this year, moving from the beach to the pool and back to the beach. Alex has been doing a holiday soccer camp which he's been loving. So much so he signed up for a second week. David Beckham watch out. Mr Bean has spent many hours loitering in the F&V section of various supermarkets, fonding the … [Read more...]