Pick your own carrots

Ever wondered how we grow great carrots? Can't get yours to grow straight? Sick of producing deformed stumpy veg? If you answered 'Yes' then put this date in your diary - Sunday July 1. That's the day we'll be hosting the Kalfresh Kalbar Carrot Field Day. From 9am to 1pm visitors can come and see the carrots in the paddock, meet some of the Kalfresh growers - ask them … [Read more...]

Everything old is new again

When you marry a vegetable farmer you don't just have access to the crops they grow, invariably they're surrounded by a bunch of equally-passionate growers who between them provide a range that rivals the biggest supermarket. Most weeks we'll dine on corn from Ed, beans from Barry, carrots from Rob, onions from Mick and garlic from Graham. This week we've been lucky … [Read more...]

Rural Romance huge with female readers

There's a new phenomenon in Australian publishing and it celebrates the rural lifestyle. Rural Literature is growing in popularity, particularly among a female audience. Today's Weekend Australian talks about the rise in ru-ro ... rural romance novels. They're set on the land and feature strong female characters who are making the most of their rural life. Of course there's … [Read more...]

Ask A Farmer

ARE you trying to grow veggies in your backyard with limited success? Maybe you want to know about where your milk comes from and what happens to it between cow and bottling. Ever wondered what the difference is between white garlic and purple galic? Well do I have the forum for you. My new column, Ask a Farmer, debuted in the Courier Mail's LIFE section today and it's the … [Read more...]

Social media bridges city-country divide

I've been a journalist for nearly 20 years and a farmer's wife for eight years next week. One of my biggest concerns/reservations about marrying my farmer was how was it going to work in with my career. I don't mean that in a wanky, power-tripping way ... I had worked hard to build a career as a journalist and didn't want to give it all up and spend my days baking cakes and … [Read more...]