Hello Banana Man, can you hear me?

Our son James is a total character. Here he is on our dining table with the Corn balloon I stole from a produce dinner this week, his goggles and his banana telephone. He's taken to drawing on his face ... I hope it is not a sign of the tattoos to come (over my dead body!!!).   … [Read more...]

Origin, you’re so rude it’s electrifying

  Have you received your cheery letter from Origin Energy yet? The one that says as of July 1, due to the introduction of a carbon tax, your power costs will be rising by up to 124%. I was so angry when I read the letter. As well as blaming the carbon tax, Origin say the rises are also due to increases in network charges and increasing retail costs. If I had … [Read more...]

Like father, like son

Our youngest son, James, goes to the local community kindy. As do the sons of two of Mr Bean's vegetable-farmer mates. So it's no surprise that trio gravitate towards each other in the playground. And it's also no surprise that the topic of much of their play is ... farming. Whether it's due to the indoctrination they've had since birth, or it's just because little … [Read more...]

Crashed car. Dad did it. Oops.

I'm not really what you'd call a car person. I drive a nice car but ask me a question about what's under the hood and I'd be in trouble. Ummm ... an engine? Fire me questions about the stereo system (six stacker CD, I-pod connectivity, great sound system), or the cup holders (excellent, will hold jumbo coffee cup and 1litre water bottle) and I'm in my element. So when … [Read more...]