How much is ag worth to Australia?

Ever wondered just how much agriculture is worth to Australia? The farmers behind the Facebook page, Ask an Aussie Farmer, have compiled this great one-page guide, which outlines exactly what is at stake. Its release coincides with a number of stories in the mainstream media, calling for Australians to get behind our food producers and buy Australian, where … [Read more...]

Robert says making honey’s a sweet life

My Ask a Farmer column in Saturday's Courier Mail was about beekeeper Robert Dewar. Researching the story was fascinating ... I had absolutely no idea the honey-making process was so involved. I don't know about you, but I take honey for granted. I assume it will always just be there. How wrong I was. Next time you see a bee buzzing around, say a little thank you for its hard … [Read more...]

The power of online

  Wow. What a day. This morning my response to David Penberthy on why consumers - where possible -  should support Australians went live at The Punch. And so the debate began. Unfortunately the article at The Punch was paired with this inflammatory headline 'Cashed-up city folk ignorant of life on the land'. Journalists are often left to explain to readers that they … [Read more...]

Parenting 101: Never negotiate

  My new parenting column, Family Matters, started in the Gold Coast Bulletin yesterday. This is what I wrote about my boys. My six-year-old made a pre-emptive strike from his precarious position teetering on top of a chair in the kitchen. ‘Mum whatever you think I’m doing, I’m not.’ So if I thought you were raiding my pantry at 5.45am I would be wrong? ‘Yes … [Read more...]

Big night out. Best big/little cause.

In our country town there's no need to rush off and put your kid's name down at the top private schools as soon as you leave the labour suite ... we haven't got any (labour suites or private schools). But after you've had your 12-week scan you'd do well to call our local community kindergarten and register your little bean to be. Positions are limited and … [Read more...]