Think it, don’t say it

'Julia Gillard is stupid.' With those four words my heart sank. I’m not saying I entirely disagree with the sentiment, but it saddens me that they come out of the mouth of my son. He’s seven. Too young to fully comprehend what he was saying. Old enough to repeat, verbatim, everything he hears. It should come as no surprise that in the house of a country born-and-bred farmer … [Read more...]

The high cost of being me

It's very expensive being me. Seriously, it costs big bucks to keep me looking this good. I'm no Elle MacPherson but even the most modest of mothers has to invest in her appearance. There's hair colour - to be applied monthly if the battle over the greys is to be won. Cost: $150 ++ Add a haircut and you'll need to re-mortgage your house if you're to afford an appointment … [Read more...]

Fresh, in-season potatoes ready

Here in the Fassifern Valley the potatoes are being harvested. Last night we sat down to some beautiful roasted tatties, grown by Farmer Rob for Kalfresh, dressed with herbs from my veggie patch. I drew on a simple recipe I learned while studying at the Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food. Jamie recommends par-boiling the potatoes before roasting and then shaking them up a bit to … [Read more...]

This little piggy went to market

I'm one of those people who can't think about what she's eating as she eats it. If someone starts talking about little baby cows as I'm tucking into veal saltimbocca, well that's the end of dinner. Just can't eat another mouthful. It's a good thing I married a vegetable farmer and not a beef or sheep farmer because we'd be very broke if I had. All those little cows and sheep … [Read more...]

A sweet story

Gerard Puglisi and his wife Terese are shareholders in Daintree Estates, a relatively new company that produces the world's first Australian single-origin cocoa beans and chocolate. The company has farmers as shareholders and was formed after a five-year trial by the DPI and Cadburys to try growing cocoa in Australia. The trial selected sites that were within 18degrees of … [Read more...]