The (little) boys and I have been growing herbs and garlic. We've had a few failures (predominantly with the garlic) but some great successes. Now that the weather has warmed up our herbs are going great guns. I 'harvested' the crop on the weekend and am now madly adding Italian parsley, oregano and thyme to EVERYTHING. 'Would you like some oregano on your Vegemite Toast … [Read more...]

Cutting out the middle man

As mainstream farming becomes larger and more corporate, one Queensland vegetable producer is bucking the trend. Matt Muller and his wife Sarah, are enjoying incredible success selling their produce at a roadside stall at the front of their farm, using an honesty box for payments. The couple, who trade under the brand, Fassifern Valley Produce, sell up to one tonne of … [Read more...]

Danger: I’m driving with the kids

So you’ve been driving a car for 15 years. You can reverse park with just one hand on the steering wheel and you’ve still got your no claim bonus. Big deal. Try driving with children in the back and then come talk to me. I reckon all driving tests should be conducted with two screaming kids in the backseat because if you can avoid crashing under those circumstances you’ll be … [Read more...]

Bite into these banana facts

Next time you bite into a banana spare a thought for the farmer who grew it. Banana-growing is a tough gig, particularly as most bananas are grown in a tropical climate, which often means extreme weather. I recently interviewed Stephen Mackay who heads up the family's banana business Mackays. They're based in North Queensland and they grow about 10 per cent of Australia's … [Read more...]

Have campervan, will travel

If you've ever been stuck behind a slow caravan on a narrow country road with limited overtaking opportunities then spare a thought for me this week. Our little country town has been invaded by small army of grey nomads - more than 2000 of them. That's 1100 campervans and motorhomes on our roads. Few things in life are guaranteed, but this week you can be sure that whichever … [Read more...]