Rob and Ranger Stacey talk carrots

We welcomed Ranger Stacey and the Totally Wild team to Kalfresh recently. They wanted to compile a story all about carrots. How they're grown, where they originated and the best ways to eat them. They came to the right place. The guys at Kalfresh are nothing if not passionate about carrots. Even today, with just a couple of days to go of the very hectic season, they're … [Read more...]

School holiday survival 101

It’s started. As you read this we’re on day eight of the school holidays – just 27 days to go (minus the weekends). Not that I’m counting. My sons are thrilled at the prospect of six weeks off school and kindergarten. I wish I could share their joy. Sadly for me – and many other parents – the extended summer break means six weeks of scheduling hell. My husband and I both … [Read more...]

Have a very Aussie Christmas

This Christmas as you shop for your festive feast take the time to read the labels and support Australian farmers. Consider it your gift to the country’s agricultural community. Don’t buy Californian red onions, when Australian onions will do. Stay away from imported ham, seek out Australian-produced pork instead. Ask your butcher – ‘Was this turkey bred in … [Read more...]

Wakeboarding meets farming

Did you know cranberries grow under water? No, me either. Check out this awesome video from Red Bull. Two of the Red Bull-sponosored wake boarders take their board into a cranberry pond. It's farming meets freestyle. Should this be the future of agriculture education? If it has cut through and gets people thinking about where their food comes from, then why … [Read more...]