This dairy farmer is going it alone

Much has been written about the troubles plaguing the Australian dairy industry. Since the introduction of $1/litre milk in supermarkets, dairy farmers have been going to the wall, unable to remain viable with such low paybacks for their product. The chainstores continue to say they are not responsible for this and that their cheap milk price is not to blame because … [Read more...]

Buy these brands

This miserable, crazy weather just keeps on coming. The clean-up from the Australia Day weekend storms is in progress and the damage bills are still being tallied. But just because you don't live near the damaged farms, don't think you can't help in the recovery. I've written previously about the Help Qld Farmers website and now there's a handy A4 printout of Qld-grown … [Read more...]

Use your melon

Have you ever felt the urge to smash a watermelon with your head? Nah, me either. But it seems there are plenty who do and you'll find them at Chinchilla this weekend for the bi-annual Chinchilla Melon Festival. Apparently the record is 47 melons in 60seconds. Sad news this year though ... the organisers have put a stop to the melon head-bashing competition, something to … [Read more...]

No son, every child doesn’t win a prize

My five-year-old recently discovered an old trophy of mine, collecting dust in the spare room. It was a journalism prize and one of very few trophies I’ve ever won in my life. A sportswoman I am not. ‘Why did you win this,’ he asked. Because I was judged best on the day, I told him. His face went all serious and he said, ‘But that’s not fair, what about the other people in … [Read more...]

Is this ‘normal’?

Do you ever worry that your kids aren’t like other people’s. That their behaviour isn’t ‘normal’ ... whatever normal is. I have these thoughts from time to time … usually when I’m in the midst of a particularly gruelling schedule of work, school, homework and extra curricular activities. It's been a bit hairy here over the past week as I've juggled one son at a new … [Read more...]