We’re addicted

At Bean HQ we have a few addictions - John Deere, vegetables and coffee. Our love affair with caffeine hit a high soon after our sons arrived. During those years of sleep deprivation coffee was often the only thing that kept us awake and sane. We decided if we were going to be drinking a lot of coffee it may as well be the good stuff. So we bought our first coffee … [Read more...]

How do you know when your family is complete?

Some people know exactly how big their family will be. 'Four kids - two girls, two boys,' - they declare. 'One will be enough for me,' say others. Of course life doesn't always go according to plan and what we want and what we get are often miles apart. Pre-kids I had no idea how many I’d like. Keen to hedge my bets, I suggested, ‘Let’s see how we go with … [Read more...]

Man messages are all-revealing

Once a week I sit down and take a stroll through my husband's mobile phone messages. Don't worry, I'm not trying to catch him out. I promise I'm not a crazy, jealous wife. My mobile investigations are a journey of discovery. You see my husband - like many others - ain't great on the communication front. My 'How was your day dear?' is usually met with his tired, 'Not … [Read more...]

Support QLD citrus at the checkout

Queensland citrus is now in stores and the growers have had a horror start to the season ... and that's putting it mildly. Most QLD citrus is grown in the Gayndah, Mundubbera and Wallaville regions - and all three spots were hit hard by the Australia Day floods. Orchards went under water but once the floodwaters subsided most growers have been able to clean up and move … [Read more...]