Healthy chocolate, now you’re talking

We all have vices and for many people it's chocolate. Mine? Coffee and hot chips (not together). Chocolate - I'm not that fussed. That was until I tried Seatonfire's Wild Chilli Chocolate with rosemary and sea salt. Sounds like a very weird combination. Tastes amazing. Seatonfire is a brand created by Lynne Seaton-Anderson and her son Jason O'Connor. They're … [Read more...]

S.E.X. The questions are coming. Help!

It all started innocently enough. We were driving home from the bus stop - my two boys and one of their friends. Alex looked out the window and pointed out the brown cows. 'Can we get some brown cows mum?' Maybe dear and then to change the topic I asked his mate: ' Do you have cows?' To which he gave me this very detailed answer: 'Yes we have 14 black cows and one … [Read more...]

Is it Anzac Day yet?

James is five and for the past week he has woken every day and asked me: 'Is it Anzac Day today?' No darling, it's next week. 'When is next week?' he then asks. In seven days. 'How long is seven days.' And on and on it goes. Except for the past couple of mornings he's altered his repertoire to add a second question. 'Is it Mother's Day today?' he asks after … [Read more...]

Things I’ve learned from reality TV

Reality television is bringing my family closer together. No really, it is. I believe the popular variety shows can teach my boys valuable life lessons. Before you call the welfare officers be assured I’m not talking Big Brother or Beauty and the Geek. But I am proud to say that most Sunday nights I sit on the couch with my boys (big and small) and settle in for some good … [Read more...]

The boy, his dad & the chilli bush

Some time ago I bought two chilli plants. Such is the state of my mind, I can't remember where I got them. Masters Home Centre, I think. Anyway I stuck them in the ground, rather hastily and sometimes remembered to water them. Alex, our 7-year-old, kept an eye on them and grew very excited when the first chillis started to emerge. Each day he'd run into the kitchen … [Read more...]