Get to know your local cattle farmer

  Before Husband I was pretty clueless about where my food came from and how it was produced. I rarely gave thought to the hardworking people responsible for growing the lettuce for my salad, breeding the beef for my bolognaise sauce or the chook farmers behind my constant supply of eggs. After Husband, I can't help but think about food production. Much of our livelihood … [Read more...]

Meet my third child

Women often joke that their husband is their ‘other’ child. As our ninth wedding anniversary approaches I am proud to say I have refrained from making such derogatory comments about my husband, Mr Bean. Most of the time he’s well behaved, well mannered and generally good to have around. Mid last year things began to go downhill. Call it a mid-life crisis, a moment of … [Read more...]

It’s an apple, but not as you know it

This weekend my Sunday Mail Ask a Farmer interview is with a husband and wife farming team who grow custard apples on the Sunshine Coast. This odd-looking fruit is sweet and creamy on the inside and green and heart-shaped on the outside. The early varieties were all hand pollinated. That meant the farmer had to collect the pollen by hand in the afternoon and walk back … [Read more...]

Kicking goals and providing laughs

Every Saturday morning I start the day with a half hour of bellyaching laughter. My mirth comes courtesy of the local under 7s soccer team, of which my son is a member. I use the word member loosely. He wears the uniform, tells everyone he meets that he’s part of the ‘Bulldogs’ but when the time comes to actually put up and kick some goals, he’s hard to find. Oh don’t get … [Read more...]

Eggs, the simple ‘wonder pill’

Eggs. We all eat them but  how are they commercially farmed and why do some taste different to others. Why are some big and some small and what's the difference between caged eggs and free-range? This weekend in my Sunday Mail Ask a Farmer column I interview a QLD egg producer. Each year he and his family supply 5.5million dozen eggs to supermarkets and the food service … [Read more...]