Craft beer with bite

As the daughter of a dog mad mother (it's an English thing) I love meeting other people equally passionate about their furry friends. Last week I spoke to a couple who fit the bill. Their names are Tanya Harlow and Chris Herring and they run the Beard and Brau Brewery. They recently moved their business from South Australia to Tamborine in the Scenic Rim. They are in the … [Read more...]

These pantry staples are made with love

Recently I've been given some jars of gorgeous handmade jams and relishes. I hate to say it but I used to think jam-making was a little bit dull. A bit country, a bit daggy. How wrong was I. It seems to me that homemade jams and chutneys have shed their dowdy, country kitchen persona and are making a revival as the ‘must-have’ addition to a modern pantry. Lucky for me I … [Read more...]

Mr Bean meets a fellow weather watcher

  Last night it was like mine and Mr Bean's fantasy dreams collided and we woke up in our hero heaven. I was invited to Eat the Week with Rebecca Levingston on Brisbane ABC Radio. I was excited to receive the invitation but imagine my delight to discover one of the other panellists would be wordsmith Roly Sussex. I asked for his take on the new fangled names my … [Read more...]

Healthy, natural sugar bombs

When I see blueberries in the supermarket or the fruit shop I'm torn. I know my kids love them, I know they're good for them but I also see that they're quite expensive. Well expensive in fruit terms but not really if I compare the price to say two take-away coffees, a slice of cake at my favourite cafe, a ride on a public bus, the price of electricity, the price of water, the … [Read more...]

Then the wheels fell off (& mummy had a melt down)

I had it all planned out in my head. It would be close but if we stuck to the timeframes all would be okay. Of course I hadn’t factored in the whims and misbehavior of our five-year-old. Silly mummy. I don’t know about you, but our life is getting crazier by the day. I’ve tried to rein in our extra-curricular activities, every family member is allowed one per term. I think … [Read more...]