Buy why mummy? Ask your father.

It’s not until you parent a four-year-old that you discover how bad your general knowledge is. As your child enters the ‘But why’ age, you’ll be asked to explain everything from why the peanut butter toast always falls face down; to why water is wet; and why dinosaurs don’t live in Southport anymore. Personally speaking, I found the year between four and five grueling, … [Read more...]

We’re passionate about passionfruit. Who knew?

From time to time a story will connect with readers in a way you just don't expect. It's impossible to tell which story will resonate and which will not. If I was to back a story to be popular I'd go with anything featuring cute dogs and cats, women scorned, amazing tales of people triumphing over adversity ... and passionfruit. I wrote about a QLD passionfruit farmer, Keith … [Read more...]

How young is too young for politics?

“That’s the woman who steals all our money mummy,” my five-year-old announced one night while we watched the news. Umm, I beg your pardon, I said, rather stunned to hear these fighting words from a kid usually focused on Bob the Builder. “There, that woman, the one with the red hair,” he confirmed for me, “she’s a bad lady because she takes all our money.” Indeed he was … [Read more...]

Hundreds came to meet the farmers

Our second ever Kalfresh Carrot Field Day was enormous and a great success. Everyone involved from the Kalfresh side had a brilliant time and judging by the looks on the faces of the visitors I think they did too. While the water theme park for carrots (the washing and packing shed) impressed the visitors, it was without doubt the muddy paddock carrot-picking … [Read more...]