My son the prodigy

Like many new parents I was convinced my child was gifted. More so than yours. And yours. And even yours I’m afraid. Yes really. Was it in his genes? Was it good fortune? Was it something I ate in the nine months prior? We’ll never know. All I know is that his ability to stack blocks was far superior to the rest of the crèche. So when the time came to enrol him in school I … [Read more...]

You’re not wearing that are you mum?

Kate Moss reckons if you dress like a ‘typical wife’ your husband will probably leave you. By wife I assume she has visions of you spending the day in tracky daks, a t-shirt with dried baby mush on the front and sporting hair hasn’t seen a brush in days. The supermodel recently told a fashion mag that she tries to dress as sexy as possible for her husband. She prefers to … [Read more...]

Say Onion! Our love is tear inducing.

Did you hear? Some shops and restaurants are trying to ban customers from taking photos while on site. I sure hope the chainstores don’t try it. I have quite a collection of pix snapped in the fresh veg section of various supermarkets. Some women like to send their husbands saucy 'selfies' of themselves in a state of undress. And let's not mention the State MP who likes … [Read more...]

My parenting advice to Kate & Wills

My morning wake-up call came courtesy of my five-year-old. He snuggled into my bed and issued this loving greeting: ‘Mum, where’s the iPad?’ ‘Go get your school uniform on,’ I told him, ever hopeful that one day he’ll do it. That’s when he delivered the bad news: “I can’t go to school today mum, I’m sick.” Quick as ever (before caffeine too!) I responded: ‘Well that’s … [Read more...]