Swap you?

Have you got cards 15, 61 and 45? I’ll trade you a 4 for a 24. If you’ve got no idea what I’m talking about then you’re lucky enough to have missed the Animal swap cards, offered for ‘free’ with the grocery shop at one of the big two. I – like the supermarket chain – have been stunned and amazed at how engaging the card swap thing has been for my sons and most of their … [Read more...]

Sex or coffee? It’s your choice.

My husband is a  patient, good humoured man. I've been writing about him since we were courting and never once has he asked me to leave something out. Of course I do try to use my internal moderator and leave the private stuff for private. So this week when a mate sent him a text that said: 'I hear sex has dropped off your to do list' he wondered what I had been … [Read more...]

Meet our Young Farmer of the Year

Here's  story close the heart of my husband - and I suspect many Aussie blokes. Nigel Corish was recently named Australian Young Farmer of the Year. As well as growing thousands of hectares of cotton he also grows the barley used to make some of the Australia's more popular beers. Find out more about Nigel and his approach to farming in today's Sunday Mail. The … [Read more...]

Mother guilt … how long do you have?

This week I wrote about my mother guilt and how I wished someone had told the child free me to enjoy my worry-free, guilt-free years. A former colleague of mine, Rachael Jansen, is hosting a wellness lunch for mums, asking them to focus on themselves. She's encouraging mums to consider at how their choices about food, work, scheduling and exercise are impacting their lives, … [Read more...]