Christmas is coming (as is my meltdown)

Today marks the start of the countdown. Zero days until school holidays for Alex. Seven days until holidays for James. 25 days until Christmas. It's meltdown central here - both the boys and me. Tiredness is to blame. As is sugar (not to parents: NO MORE CANDY CANES). And scheduling. I am turning into a scheduling ninja as I try to co-ordinate pesky old work with … [Read more...]

Live cattle exports explained

The growing divide between city and country is often talked about. It used to be that many of us had a 'country cousin' who provided an insight into the challenges and benefits of life on the land. But over time that connection diminished and some country residents expressed disappointment that their work on the land was taken for granted by those in the city, the very … [Read more...]

You’ve goat to be kidding me!

One of the biggest challenges when you get married is culling the guest list. It has the potential to be a cast of thousands, as the bride and groom are pressured into inviting Great Aunt Maud, your long-lost cousin, your mum's bridge friend and so on and so on. But there are some guests who are a no brainer - you simply have to invite them. They're part of the family and it … [Read more...]

Life after school

This time 20 years ago I had just finished school. Forever. Twelve years of education was over and I was about to embark on a new adventure. Equipped with youthful naivety, I was ready to launch myself into the world and seize the opportunities. We'd spent our school years being told anything was possible if we put the effort in. Company CEO, TV show host, marketing … [Read more...]