Revealed! Carrot growing secrets

In the 10 years I've been married to a carrot farmer I have lost count of the number of wonky carrot photographs I've been sent - unsolicited - from friends and colleagues. Their motivation is to share photographic evidence of their carrot-growing attempts. Two-headed carrots, wonky carrots, stunted carrots, kissing carrots, spooning carrots - I've seen them … [Read more...]

We love you so much we bought you a foot scrubber

Mother's Day is approaching and in our house that means one thing - me being hit up for cash to buy my present from the school Mum Day stall. The conversation goes something like this. Them: Mum we need some money but we can't tell you why but it's a good thing. Me: Go ask your father. Them: Dad we need some money to buy mum a present from the Mother's Day … [Read more...]