Smaller is better for crayfish farmer Rob

Rob Hutchings is a farmer. But his 80ha property in the vegetable heartland of Aratula in the Scenic Rim doesn’t look like most of the local farms. Instead of rows of carrots and beans, it’s dotted with more than 70 small freshwater dams, which produce nearly one-million Red Claw Crayfish each year. Rob is a marine biologist, who first dabbled in crayfish farming while … [Read more...]

Farmer Ed and his plants: It was love at photosynthesis

To you and me they look like rows and rows of vegetables. But to farmers in the know much can be gauged from a row of crops - in particular from how straight the rows are. I learned early on that farmers quietly judge another farmer's ability by the precision of his cropping rows.  Around here Farmer Ed Windley is regarded as having some of the straightest rows … [Read more...]

As happy as a pig in …

AS far as second dates go this one was memorable – and life changing. Julia Powell, a New Zealander just back from 15 years in the UK, barely knew Shane Muller, a chef turned communications specialist. Despite their fledgling relationship both realised there was a spark and that they shared a similar life goal. That goal was to move to the country and be … [Read more...]

Farm to fork at Brisbane Good Food & Wine Show

The Brisbane Good Food & Wine Show 'plates up' (sorry couldn't resist) from tomorrow, serving you an awesome opportunity to meet some of Queensland's best farmers. I love good food who but let's be honest, without the farmers where would we be? Farmers across the country are seizing control of their own destiny and choosing to market and sell their own products. After … [Read more...]

Power prices a growing pain for farmers

AS he approaches his 71st birthday this month, Darrell Dennis should be thinking of retirement. Instead this Beaudesert dairy farmer is doing battle with his Victorian-based electricity provider Lumo Energy. “I feel a bit like a prisoner on death row waiting to be executed,” he told me last month. “I’m just not sure when.” Darrell, whose family owns and runs Scenic Rim … [Read more...]