Don’t cry for me

The onion pain is nearly over for another year. Onion farmer's wives the world over (well in the Fassifern and Lockyer Valleys at least) are crying tears of joy that the smelly part of the year is nearly done. Queensland has a short but intensive onion season. This year's season has coincided with hotter-than-usual temperatures, making the hand harvesting even more … [Read more...]

Wagner brothers are flying high

A Toowoomba family has invested more than $100million to build Australia’s first greenfield public airport in 48 years. In just two years they have turned cow paddocks into a commercial airport and jet-capable runway and today they welcomed the first Qantas flight. But their journey hasn’t been without turbulence. On face value it seems a staggering achievement. Toowoomba’s … [Read more...]

What life inside Clive’s Palmer United Party is really like

It looks like the Palmer United Party is teetering on the edge of collapse. It's been a little while coming, but anyone who's had anything to do with the larger-than-life Clive Palmer wouldn't be surprised by this week's turn of events. In August I spoke to Susie and Alexander Douglas, days after Alexander quit as the Queensland leader of the Palmer United Party. I've known … [Read more...]

G20. Enough already.

Surely I'm not the only Queenslander suffering from G20 overload? The security fences have gone up around Brisbane's 'red zone' and the foreign leaders have started to arrive. I enjoyed an interesting conversation with my sons yesterday afternoon about why the Russian leader Vladimir Putin needed to fly in his own convoy of bullet proof cars. Just as I was silently … [Read more...]

Life’s sweet: Ben swaps schoolroom for pineapple patch

Which is more challenging – working with a room of school children or with Mother Nature? Pineapple farmer, Ben Clifton, has done both and says: ‘Both have their challenges.’ This Yeppoon farmer started his professional life as a physical education teacher but when he married the daughter of a pineapple farmer Ben knew what he must do. It was a sweet decision, easy to make … [Read more...]