Summer in the Scenic Rim

There's lots happening in the Scenic Rim over Summer. Low-cost and no-cost too. Love that. Bushwalks, lake swims, lazy pub lunches, art galleries, music festivals and wineries. Here's a bit of an overview.   … [Read more...]

Two weeks down, six weeks to go. Surviving school holidays & staying sane

Are we there yet? I have a love-hate relationship with the summer school holidays. In a perfect world I'd have the full eight weeks off work. But the world isn't perfect. Children have something like 12 weeks holidays a year and working people have four weeks ... six if they're lucky. Maths was never my thing but even I know that's a sum that equals chaos, juggling and … [Read more...]

Food for thought – looks aren’t everything when it comes to food

Hands up those who fossick through the banana stand at the local supermarket in search of a perfect yellow hand of bananas.  I do it. Same for avocados and apples. It's often said people buy with their eyes and it's true. But the way fresh produce looks doesn't always affect the way it tastes. I don't know whether the Woolworths Odd Bunch campaign, promoting wonky fruit … [Read more...]

This Christmas buy local – look for the pink Australian Pork label

Not all pork is created equal. I learned this during an interview with Queensland pig farmer, Andrew Jones. His family's Pilton Valley Premium Pork business is located on 1618ha in Clifton, south-west of Brisbane. The Jones family first started farming pigs in the 1930s, when Keith Jones bought his first pigs as a way to diversify his interest from dairy and grain … [Read more...]

Georgie’s life dedicated to community, cattle and family

Georgie Somerset was raised in a family where working for the good of your local community was valued and encouraged. So it’s no surprise that this cattle farmer from Durong is a member of some of Queensland’s most influential community boards. She’s the incoming vice-president of AgForce, she sits on the Queensland Government’s Childrens’ Health Board, she’s the … [Read more...]