At war with the weather. How you can help drought affected farmers.

Weather watching is something of a favourite past-time for most farmers. It's crazy to think that while Sydney is pummelled by rain, large parts of rural Australia continue to be gripped by severe drought. Many properties are now facing their third year without decent rainfalls. People often ask how they can help farmers. I found this great list of suggestions in the … [Read more...]

Young farmers forging their own path

When Aimee Young’s mum urged her to sell the last cow she was keeping on the family farm, she had no idea the business venture that would follow. “I’d moved to Brisbane seven years before and had one cow left on mum’s property,” explains Aimee. “She’d been nagging me to get rid of it.” Aimee took the cow to the sales but the prices were so bad she decided it made more sense … [Read more...]

Bringing Joy to the bush

Journalism really is a wonderful career. You get to meet interesting people doing amazing and unusual things and I can honestly say after 20 years as a 'professional stickybeak' I love my job.  Some days I love it more than normal. One of those days cme recently when I travelled to Longreach to meet Joy McClymont. We'd spoken on the phone and she was warm and friendly - it … [Read more...]

Welcome to Boonah, my community.

I've been working as a journalist since 1994. That's a long time and I can honestly say I've enjoyed most days of my writing career. However the majority of my experience has been in print publications. I'm a voracious consumer of publications - magazines, newspapers, online news sites, blogs ... you'll often find me reading some form of print media. My husband can't quite … [Read more...]