Ali shoots holes in quilting stereotype

I can't sew to save myself. A dodgy button repair is about as good as I get. But when I saw the work of Tarome textile artist Ali George I quietly wished I'd paid more attention in school home ec classes. Ali creates the most fabulous art quilts. She's been creating quilts for decades and this weekend for Open Studios of the Scenic Rim, you can meet Ali at her studio (an old … [Read more...]

Scott’s the PM’s go-to man

For a man who works in politics, a world that thrives on gossip, ego and power plays, Scott Buchholz is surprisingly – and refreshingly - direct. He’s a no-nonsense bloke; a man who says it like it is. But he’s also warm and sociable – his greetings are often delivered with a giant bear hug. Parliamentary insiders believe it’s these qualities that prompted Prime Minister … [Read more...]

Linton’s midlife crisis good news for Uganda

Linton Brimblecombe jokes that most men his age celebrate mid-life with a new motorbike. This Gatton vegetable farmer marked his 47th year with a move to Uganda, where he is leading a community-farming venture, The Omer Farming Company. Linton and his son Mitchell left for Africa in January and have made quick work of preparing the ground and planting the first crop. Wife … [Read more...]