About Alice

Alice-headshot-2012-199x300I’m a journalist, mum, farmer’s wife and rabid vegetable nut enthusiast. I started this blog to share the ups and downs of being married to a vegetable farmer. Over the years my focus has changed and now I use my blog to share the stories of the people I meet through my work as a journalist, in particular some of Australia’s leading food producers.

In life before children, husbands and vegetables I won a Walkley Award for my journalism. It seems a lifetime ago but it’s there, on the sideboard, collecting dust.

On the really bad days, as I attempt to negotiate with my terrorists children, I think back to those ‘good old days’.

Each July we open the Kalfresh farm gate and share our passion for carrots and fresh food with visitors. ABC Landline’s Pip Courtney covered our 2014 Kalfresh Carrot Field Day in this excellent TV feature story.

Myself and four other farmers’ wives came together in 2015 to create Just Veg. a range of washed, cut, ready-to-eat carrots that are sold exclusively via Woolworths. We take the carrots that aren’t supermodels and give them new life as healthy, tasty carrot snacks for busy people. It’s good news for farmers and it’s good news for busy people who want to eat well.

If you want to know anything about life in a rural town, how to grow vegetables or where to buy great carrots send me an email alice at gormanmedia dot com dot au