Ali shoots holes in quilting stereotype

Ali GeorgeI can’t sew to save myself. A dodgy button repair is about as good as I get. But when I saw the work of Tarome textile artist Ali George I quietly wished I’d paid more attention in school home ec classes.

Ali creates the most fabulous art quilts. She’s been creating quilts for decades and this weekend for Open Studios of the Scenic Rim, you can meet Ali at her studio (an old cow shed on her beautiful rural property) and be part of making a community quilt.

I asked Ali what visitors can expect to see when they visit her studio.

Aside from Open Studios, Ali’s main textile focus is on an art quilt she’s preparing for next year’s Taiwan International Quilt Fair.

I think it’s safe to say this ain’t going to be like any quilt you’ve seen before. Stop thinking floral fabric squares and nice cups of tea – Ali is hardcore.

She invited one of the local gun owners, Kane Lutter, to the farm to shoot some holes in her project – literally.

Listen to my 612ABC Community Correspondent story about the artistic shooting.