Early experiences vital for children

This parenting gig is a tough one. There are plenty of books advising us on the right way and the wrong way to raise our children but ultimately (for me at least) it's a work in progress. One area I feel we could have done better in the early years was engendering a love of reading in our boys. Sure we read to them but neither have developed a real passion for reading. I … [Read more...]

Ali shoots holes in quilting stereotype

I can't sew to save myself. A dodgy button repair is about as good as I get. But when I saw the work of Tarome textile artist Ali George I quietly wished I'd paid more attention in school home ec classes. Ali creates the most fabulous art quilts. She's been creating quilts for decades and this weekend for Open Studios of the Scenic Rim, you can meet Ali at her studio (an old … [Read more...]

Welcome to Boonah, my community.

I've been working as a journalist since 1994. That's a long time and I can honestly say I've enjoyed most days of my writing career. However the majority of my experience has been in print publications. I'm a voracious consumer of publications - magazines, newspapers, online news sites, blogs ... you'll often find me reading some form of print media. My husband can't quite … [Read more...]