Where does your food come from? Imports bad news for Aussie shoppers and farmers

HERE’S a scary statistic for you. Just five per cent of the fruit and vegetables imported to Australia is tested for banned chemicals and other contaminants. Most fruit and vegetables are deemed by AQIS as being ‘surveillance foods’ not ‘risk foods’ which are tested in 100 per cent of cases. What does this mean for you? It means the frozen berries you thrown in your … [Read more...]

Food for thought – looks aren’t everything when it comes to food

Hands up those who fossick through the banana stand at the local supermarket in search of a perfect yellow hand of bananas.  I do it. Same for avocados and apples. It's often said people buy with their eyes and it's true. But the way fresh produce looks doesn't always affect the way it tastes. I don't know whether the Woolworths Odd Bunch campaign, promoting wonky fruit … [Read more...]

Craft beer with bite

As the daughter of a dog mad mother (it's an English thing) I love meeting other people equally passionate about their furry friends. Last week I spoke to a couple who fit the bill. Their names are Tanya Harlow and Chris Herring and they run the Beard and Brau Brewery. They recently moved their business from South Australia to Tamborine in the Scenic Rim. They are in the … [Read more...]

How do they grow?

Come and join us on June 29 for our Carrot Field Day. Meet the farmers, learn how to grow great carrots, sit in the tractors and get muddy in the paddocks as you pick your own carrots. It's a great morning out for families. The cost is $5 for adults or $10 for a family and includes a bag of carrots. Our Field Day runs from 9am to noon at Kalfresh, which is on the … [Read more...]

Support QLD citrus at the checkout

Queensland citrus is now in stores and the growers have had a horror start to the season ... and that's putting it mildly. Most QLD citrus is grown in the Gayndah, Mundubbera and Wallaville regions - and all three spots were hit hard by the Australia Day floods. Orchards went under water but once the floodwaters subsided most growers have been able to clean up and move … [Read more...]