Scott’s the PM’s go-to man

For a man who works in politics, a world that thrives on gossip, ego and power plays, Scott Buchholz is surprisingly – and refreshingly - direct. He’s a no-nonsense bloke; a man who says it like it is. But he’s also warm and sociable – his greetings are often delivered with a giant bear hug. Parliamentary insiders believe it’s these qualities that prompted Prime Minister … [Read more...]

Heidi helped free friend Peter Greste while establishing wilderness retreat

For 400 days Heidi Ross ran the Free Peter Greste international media campaign. How she did it – and where she did it from – defies most media campaign strategy rule books. The communications hub for the worldwide campaign was Heidi’s 104ha property on the border of the Lamington National Park, in the Gold Coast hinterland. She relies on satellite Internet and admits … [Read more...]

Meet the Adams Family – you probably eat their salad

You may not know their name but chances are you’ve eaten their salad. Belinda Adams and her husband Paul are the farmers behind many of the herbs and loose leaf salads you buy at the supermarket. They run their Coastal Hydroponics business on the Gold Coast and supply basil to all of the Coles Queensland stores, as well as a range of other herbs and mixed lettuce and baby … [Read more...]

Why are we so mean?

If you've spent any time reading the online comment feeds of news and popular culture websites you'll know that as a society we're growing more outspoken by the minute. But while I'm all for the polite sharing of opinions I'm not a supporter of the relatively  new belief that we're entitled to say anything to anyone, no matter how mean and hurtful it is. If online comments … [Read more...]

Meet the tattoo artist with no tatts

During our family holiday at the beach recently I took an unofficial watching poll of passers-by. By the end of my half hour of people watching I came to the conclusion I am the only person alive who doesn't have a tattoo. Okay I exaggerate, but seriously body ink is everywhere. And yes I do mean EVERYwhere. I still remember being told years ago by a friend's police officer … [Read more...]