Support QLD citrus at the checkout

Queensland citrus is now in stores and the growers have had a horror start to the season ... and that's putting it mildly. Most QLD citrus is grown in the Gayndah, Mundubbera and Wallaville regions - and all three spots were hit hard by the Australia Day floods. Orchards went under water but once the floodwaters subsided most growers have been able to clean up and move … [Read more...]

Help QLD Farmers: Buy their goods

It's been a hectic 10 days here. We left for the Gold Coast on the Friday ahead of Australia Day, ready to spend the last weekend of school holidays at the beach. Our plan was for a lovely relaxing long weekend. The reality was something altogether different. But the loss of a long weekend was the least of our worries. The cyclonic weather which hit Queensland that … [Read more...]

The future of produce selling

The past 10 years have seen a massive change in the way fruit and vegetables are traded. The majority of sales used to happen in the central markets. Buyers from large chain stores, right through to operators of smaller community fruit and vegetable shops, used to walk the markets in search of the best produce on offer that day. But slowly more and more business has been … [Read more...]

Industry stone dead … nearly

It's not news that times are tough in business, but lately there's been a worrying trend in agriculture. Many agricultural businesses are folding. Big ones. Businesses which employ a lot of people and which support many ancillary businesses. Some farmers are calling time before the banks do. Last week I spoke to two farmers who have made the tough decision to call it a … [Read more...]

Thai pines cheaper than Oz grown

Queensland pineapples are now available, but a large QLD grower says suppliers on the East Coast of Australia can’t compete with Thai imports. Gavin Scurr of Pinata Farms says Thai imports are flooding into Western Australia to fill orders, previously supplied by Queensland producers. He says Perth-based importers have identified the lucrative mining market and are importing … [Read more...]