Carrot picking joy

The look of pure joy is hard to top. Young and old, it doesn’t matter, everyone’s faces tell the same story. They’re having fun, old-fashioned, simple, out in the sun, fun. No gadgets, no new world technology, no high-speed, gut-churning rides … this fun is all down to carrots. Seriously. Last weekend, in a carrot paddock 100km southwest of Brisbane, 800 people … [Read more...]

Sink your teeth into a food story

FIFTEEN years ago I met a vegetable farmer from the Scenic Rim. He was one of the first full-time farmers I’d met. Prior to meeting him my only real exposure to farm life had been a school holiday visit to a Moree cotton farm with a school friend. I remember returning from Moree, to my cushy life on the Gold Coast, and exclaiming to my parents, ‘Who would be a farmer? … [Read more...]

Where does your food come from? Imports bad news for Aussie shoppers and farmers

HERE’S a scary statistic for you. Just five per cent of the fruit and vegetables imported to Australia is tested for banned chemicals and other contaminants. Most fruit and vegetables are deemed by AQIS as being ‘surveillance foods’ not ‘risk foods’ which are tested in 100 per cent of cases. What does this mean for you? It means the frozen berries you thrown in your … [Read more...]

Don’t cry for me

The onion pain is nearly over for another year. Onion farmer's wives the world over (well in the Fassifern and Lockyer Valleys at least) are crying tears of joy that the smelly part of the year is nearly done. Queensland has a short but intensive onion season. This year's season has coincided with hotter-than-usual temperatures, making the hand harvesting even more … [Read more...]