Heidi helped free friend Peter Greste while establishing wilderness retreat

For 400 days Heidi Ross ran the Free Peter Greste international media campaign. How she did it – and where she did it from – defies most media campaign strategy rule books. The communications hub for the worldwide campaign was Heidi’s 104ha property on the border of the Lamington National Park, in the Gold Coast hinterland. She relies on satellite Internet and admits … [Read more...]

Doing Disneyland AND staying sane

MY husband made the fatal mistake of mentioning the D word in front of the kids. We were planning a holiday to America and he asked, ‘Shall we take the boys to Disneyland?’ With that our fate was sealed. The boys’ reaction was immediate. ‘YES!! Dad!!!’ they declared, running around the house chanting, ‘We’re going to Disneyland. We’re going to Disneyland.’ Decision made. … [Read more...]

Aye Aye Captain

By the time you read this I'll have gone sailing. Imagine that gorgeous couple is us - Mr Bean and I - strolling lovingly through the clear waters of the Whitsundays. I'll be looking dazzling in my white cossie, he'll be smiling gracefully as he carries my feather light body through the water. Actually the reality may be far more scary. You see we've hired a yacht … [Read more...]