Step inside our local art studios

One of my favourite Scenic Rim artists is joining Studios of the Scenic Rim this weekend. Sculptor Chris Trotter will be taking his crazy, mad-cap band of creations to Marks & Gardner Gallery at Tamborine Mountain this Saturday and Sunday (May 19/20) for Studios of the Scenic Rim. All weekend artists across the mountain will open their studios to the public to discuss … [Read more...]

Cup Day not the same when you work from home

I have fond memories (some of them hazy) of Melbourne Cup Day in years gone  by. When I was young, single and cashed up, my friends and I were known to travel south for the big race and the socialising that goes on in the Birdcage. Ahh those were the days. Melbourne Cup loses some of its gloss when you work from home. Today at 2pm it will be me and the dog watching the … [Read more...]

My husband loves another

MR Bean is in love with another. His love affair has been blossoming these past few months. He keeps bringing her into our house but I have finally put my foot down and banned her … her strong scent really gets up my nose. Her name is Rosemary and I hate her. Mr Bean is passionately in love with Rosemary … the herb. It’s all my fault really. I made the mistake of planting a … [Read more...]

I’m converted to country

I've been born again ... no I haven't found religion, I've discovered country living. Sure, I've been living in a small country town for the past seven years but it's only recently that I've truly appreciated the delights of small town life. Don't get me wrong there's still some things which really irritate me (lack of anonymity, lack of decent Thai/Japanese/Italian dining … [Read more...]