Mum & Dad retreat (from the kids)

Last week Mr Bean and I celebrated nine years of wedded bliss. Well most of it has been blissful, some of it not so much. I'm thinking in particular of the past few weeks that he's been unable to walk or drive due to this motorbike accident. So the question we faced was, 'How do we celebrate when one of us is unable to walk?' Why we retreat to the hills and eat good food … [Read more...]

Those were the days

I wrote this in 2009 for the Gold Coast Bulletin. Things on the Gold Coast are a bit dire at the moment. The place needs an injection of big personalities and visionary leaders to pull it out of the doldrums. Here's hoping some inspiring and inspired people come out of the woodwork before next year's City Council elections. I LIVED on the Gold Coast for 15 years before I … [Read more...]

My makeover is complete

WHEN I met my farmer, Mr Bean, 10 years ago I knew very little about country living. I thought fruit and vegetables came from the supermarket, that tractors were all the same and those enormous, spindly metal things in the paddocks were called big sprinklers. Fast forward a decade and I am virtually a different woman. … [Read more...]